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Plan BE

Plan BE is your personal energy plan.

A success formula for self-awareness and empowerment.


How am I BEing?

(with myself + with others)



What am I DOing?

(choices + actions)



What do I want to HAVE?

(opportunity + motivation)

Why consider making a Plan BE coaching appointment?

BEcause an appointment with your coach is a self-care appointment with your Self.

Your coach will meet you where you are… BE a safe space and invite you to BE loving and compassionate towards yourself; challenge you to BE vulnerable and present while expressing your hopes and fears; and inspire you to trust that you are exactly where you are meant to BE right now on your journey.

Personal Energy Coaching will support you in shifting your energy so that you may access your wisdom and choose what step to take next forward and towards what you want.

What is professional coaching?

Professional coaching is a process for you to BE with You. A professional coach is on your life team (personally and/or professionally) and is trained to ask powerful questions and to listen with and open and trusting mind. Teaming up with a professional coach is an opportunity to team up with a trusted thinking partner and a source of outside perspective. Professional coaching’s number one tool is conversation and may also access questionnaires or other resources depending on the client’s needs and desired outcomes. Coaching is built on the premise that you have what you need to BE happy, successful and at peace. Professional coaching is a way of accessing your own inner wisdom so that you may move forward and towards what is important to you.

How will I know I am getting a return on my investment?

Your time, energy, creativity and money are all currencies. You want to invest these for a good return. I get that, and I stress that with all my clients. We begin by defining what you would want from coaching. Is it change, more of something, less of something, a new direction, to get unstuck, to improve something in your personal and/or professional life? My commitment is that you will experience something better…more positive…it may be relief, clarity, inspiration, hope, validation…there is no exact map, and it may take some time depending on where you are, but I guarantee you will experience results. Of course, if the partnership is not working for you, there is no commitment to continue and I do not force any long-term commitment and the coaching relationship can be terminated at any time by either parties.

What can coaching do for my business?

The majority of my clients are business owners or self-employed and I enjoy working with this demographic. As an entrepreneur, a leader, a business owner, you are the #1 asset and like any valued asset, you want to take good care of it so that it may perform optimally. You have a vested interest to BE your Best Self but this can often be challenging because so much is riding on your shoulders and you are often, if not always, there for everyone else. How you self-manage has a direct impact on your bottom line. In addition, when you access professional coaching for your team members, it takes some of the pressure off you AND it empowers them. It is an opportunity for personal and professional growth for your employees and this benefits everyone AND your bottom line. Anyone with talent and the will to grow will benefit by having a coach on their team.

What can I expect when I meet with you as my Coach?

I offer different ways to conduct my coaching sessions: in person at my studio, over the telephone, on video chat and, depending on the season and weather, on walks. Sessions run an hour unless otherwise agreed to. Many of my clients start meeting me every 2-3 weeks to gain some momentum then eventually set a monthly check-in. Some of my clients only need a few sessions 3-6 to gain some clarity and set up a plan. My style is warm, relaxed, with no problem being straight up (with a dash humor where appropriate). My training and experience, both personally and professionally have built me into a reputable, confident coach. I do have an agreement for clients that spells out the relationship and some basic terms. I am not a bootcamp coach and my job is not to save you or to tell you what to do. I am bound by the ICF’s (International Coach Federation) Code of Conduct and Ethics and I am also committed to advancing and promoting Professional Coaching as a valued resource to support anyone regardless of what they do.

Why is it called Personal Energy Coaching?

I called my coaching practice Personal Energy Coaching because when I first worked with a professional coach, one of the first things that truly helped me was understanding my Self based on my personal energy. It had such a positive impact on me and my ability to navigate my life with more peace, love and happiness! We are, after all, just energy in the form of a human, and unless we accept that, pay attention to ourselves and self-manage, it really is a crap shoot…somethings will work, some won’t, and you won’t really understand the difference. Self-awareness supports empowerment. Most of us want to BE empowered while leading ourselves through life. Personal Energy Coaching is about supporting the “BE” in BE + Do = Have.



How I can help...

Plan BE services include

✔ 1/1 Coaching in person at my studio, by phone, by video chat and on outdoor walks

Leader/Employee/small group coaching 

✔ Assessments, questionnaires and tools

✔ Speaking engagements

Customized workshops

Lunch & Learns


invites & inspires you to access...

 Peace // Clarity // Balance

Momentum // Relief // Success // Love

Empathy // Intuition // Energy // Vision // Focus

Happiness // Opportunity // Potential // Courage

Growth // Creativity // Awareness // Empowerment

Strategies // Inspiration // Guidance // Trust

Confidence // Motivation & more!


take a closer

at your personal & professional life

Are you satisfied with where you are going...

and how you are BEing?


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